Golf Clash, A clubguide for each tour! Tour 1-11


best clubs tour 7 golf clash
best clubs tour 7 golf clash

Golf Clash, A clubguide for each tour! Tour 1-11

Hey guys!

I get so many question from you about what clubs to choose for the specific tours. I have now created a video were I go through all tours and trying to tell what clubs to choose and why.
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Whats your best club? Please comment!

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Golf clash tour 7 how to win tips and tricks

First time playing a tour 7 hole tips and tricks

Hi guys!
In the event of the new tournament I release this tutorial of the shootout.

This is a tutorial of tour 7, Vineyard Acres Hole 4 – SHOOTOUT.

I go through it and guide you through the best way of playing the course. Important to watch it before the West Coast tournament.

This is one of my tutorials of the different courses on Golf Clash.
I will release a new course everyday.

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